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Our units hold the equivalence of a 1500 sq-foot home (basement, attic, patio, and garage items may require an additional container).

We normally put the containers in your driveway or at the street. The units are 16′ FT long x 8′ FT wide x 8′ FT tall.

This is usually not the case but, check with your homeowners association and town hall to make sure you do not.

They are white with red lettering. They are 8′ FT wide x 8′ FT tall. We offer three lengths – 12′ FT, 16′ FT, & 20′ FT.

As long as you need. We will rent the unit to you by the month so you can keep the unit however long your storage needs require.

Let Pak-All assist in getting you the labor you need for anything from a full-service pack and load to a little help with the heavy lifting.

Absolutely, let us know when you need to access your unit(s) and we will have an associate at the Pak-All facility available.

Approximately 7500 pounds. A unit full of normal household content usually only gets up to 3500 to 5000 pounds so if moving heavier items like tools or machinery please be careful to not exceed the weight limit.

Pak-All containers have 2 rows of tie down rings on all of the walls so you can strap things down. We have a checklist to help ensure you do a good job securing your things during the loading process. We offer a variety of packing supplies for rental and purchase to prevent damage such as padded furniture blankets, straps, bubble wrap, packing paper, and several different styles of boxes.

Pak-All units are heavy duty insulated steel unlike those flimsy sheet metal ones we see at the big home improvement stores. Our latch is inset into the door so when the lock is on there’s no room to manipulate the lock so its a nightmare for would be thieves. Pak-All Units are waterproof so no matter the weather your contents will be bone dry. Finally, you own the lock and key so no one has access to it but you